There was some debate once the film was finished as to how the screen credits should read. Specificly who, if anyone, would be credited as director.
While Jodi Tripi was clearly the producer of this film, she was also largely responsible for how it was shot. David Craig, who is credited as a one of the photographers was also involved in many of the planning stages, and actually shot the interview that ties this film together. Jonathan Glazer was clearly the editor as well as being the film's location Sound Recordist and Camera Assistant. Although this film relies heavily on its editing Jon makes no claim to be the director.
Ultimately the screen credit of Director went to Todd Bellanca who's vision the film most clearly represents. Not only was Todd one of the shooters (all the Super-8 I might add) he was also the driving force of the edit sessions.
Then of course there's Amy. Amy was heavily involved in making this film. It was her idea. And it was at her request that we shot the disclosure to her brother.

Unfortunately, Amy never saw a frame of this film.